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Skano Classic

Today, the furniture line Skano Classic continues the traditions of 19th century masters and utilises the design of a century-old modular system. Production of this elegant and practical bookshelf system began in 1994.

As a result of modern carpentry, Skano Classic has seen its use expanded from original areas of a home – being home office and library. It is used in living, dining and children’s rooms and in halls, therefore new elements have been created for modern needs.

The main elements of the product line Skano Classic are shelf, socle and ceiling modules which allow for the assembly of different wall sections. In addition to the shelf system, the collection includes desks, rotating bookshelves, coffee tables, chairs, dining tables and dining chairs, blinds and racks – in total, 80 different products.

The materials used are high-quality birch, plywood and joinery board. Thus, with the help of modern technology, furniture materials that have been widely used throughout history give birth to furniture that will forever remain in the spirit of the 19th century.

Standard tones

Light Brown 02 Dark Brown 03 Chestnut 04

Custom colour tones

Antique White 08 White 11 Woodwash 12
Oak 13 Bluecloud 14 Mocca 16