Maintenance Instructions for Skano Furniture


Install the furniture in rooms where the temperature is between +5 and +35 C and the relative humidity is 30-70%. Do not place furniture near heaters. Hot air can cause the furniture to dry and deform.

Protect surfaces from direct sunlight to prevent the furniture from fading. Direct sunlight dims mirror surfaces and dries leather upholstery.


Wood and natural leather are natural materials, slight colour differences between different pieces of furniture are possible. If the products were purchased at different times, they may have been influenced by environmental factors and the items may not be identical in appearance and colour.

Due to indoor heating systems, micro-cracks may form at the joints of wooden parts. Due to the expansion and contraction of the wood, small differences in the overall dimensions of the objects may occur.


Clean solid wood furniture with a soft, damp cloth. If necessary, use the most common non-abrasive cleaners for wooden surfaces by adding them to water.

Clean genuine leather furniture with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

Nubuck skin requires you to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner and wipe problem areas with a brush.

To prevent water damage and stains, remove dirt from the furniture immediately. The most important thing is to immediately dry the surface of the furniture with a cloth.

To freshen the furniture, use commercially available furniture care products, following the special purpose and instructions for use provided on the packaging. Under no circumstances should strong detergents (containing ammonia, alcohol or softeners) be used!

Direct and prolonged contact of the furniture with alcohol, coffee and other strongly coloured substances must be avoided. Avoid damaging the furniture with sharp objects.

The warranty for furniture does not cover mechanical damage, liquid and heat damage.

When cleaning upholstered furniture, the best results can be obtained by using specialists / companies that provide appropriate cleaning services.


No additional objects may be hung on furniture doors and drawers. To prevent deformation of cabinet door hinges and drawers, doors and drawers should be closed quietly and kept closed.

Do not place hot objects on the furniture without a hotplate. Liquid spilled on the furniture must be dried immediately with a clean soft cloth.

If splits appear in furniture joints where pullers, bolts or screws are used, then they must be tightened from time to time.

Use a cutting board when cutting on a solid wood board.

To move the furniture from one place to another, the furniture must not be dragged, but it shall be lifted. Dragging the furniture can deform furniture attachments.