Mattress topper Tiina Lambada

The content of the cover mattress Tiina Lambada is high-quality foam rubber, which is profiled on one side. Profiling ensures better air movement. Stretch cotton cover fabric is quilted with voluminous batting.

Артикул: KTL Категория:


The cover bag is removable and machine washable with entle wash program (without spin!) at temperatures up to 60°C. The thickness of the product is 5cm.

Made in Estonia.


Вес Н/Д
Габариты 200 × 80-180 × 5 cm

120x200x5, 140x200x5, 160x200x5, 180x200x5, 80x200x5, 90x200x5

Swedbanki väikelaen - lihtsam kui järelmaks

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