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Emanuele Patton  

Emanuele Patton founded Innova design firm consists
of a highly flexible structure, drawing on a talented
network of team members boasting prior experience
with clients such as Poltrona Frau, Caimi Brevetti,
Unifor, JVC, Heineken, Bacardi and Vodafone just to
mention a few.

Innova´s experience has proven that the smartest
and most cost efficient approach is to assemble a
bespoke team based on the individual needs of the
client or project.


Innovation through design











British designer Rob Scarlett, who began his career
when he was named the 2003 Young Designer of the
Subsequently, Rob has played a key role in the
design teams of some of the best known brands and
businesses in the UK furniture industry, including
Willis and Gambrier, Nathan Furniture and Mark
Webster. He has also enjoyed success with ranges
launched through important UK retailers such as
Heal´s, Mark & Spencer´s, Furniture Village and
John Lewis.


Scarlett Design




Beautiful British Furniture